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PPC Campaign Management

PPC campaign management services offered by WebTraitz can help you successfully exploit this scheme to channel traffic to your site in a cost-effective manner. PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) are a major marketing and revenue earning means for companies. It is important to get this right, because this technique can help your reap rich rewards by increasing the conversion rate of users checking out your site.
As the name suggests, PPC campaign management or Pay-Per-Click advertising basically deals with placing your ads in other sites as well as in search engine pages. The host sites are generally those dealing with products and services or news, articles or blogs related to your service. You only need to pay the sites when people click the ads you’ve placed.
It is truly a less resource consuming means to earn big. But first you’ve got to select the host sites (usually informative article sites) which should have a good amount of traffic, and they you’ve got design the ad – its size, contents, etc. The most important part is to select the most competitive keywords for which your PPC ads must be optimized. By outsourcing PPC campaign management to Webtraitz, you can focus on your core responsibilities and expect efficient handling of the ads.
Our PPC campaign management experts conceive the ads taking into consideration the different characteristics of search engines and identify the most relevant landing pages, while our SEO copywriters create content for the advertisements. Keywords are identified using smart tools, and once the PPC ads have been placed, we constantly monitor the click-through-rates of the ads.