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Content Management System

Content management system (CMS), particularly a web CMS, is vital for the smooth management or operation of content creation and submission. At Webtraitz Technologies we offer that in a truly cost-effective manner for websites, as we have developed a CMS called ManageMySite that is an SEO friendly publishing tool.
With such a system your staff can upload and update electronic content easily even if they don’t possess knowledge of markup or programming languages. Our content management system also helps in efficient data storage. The data that can be managed by our CMS system is varied and consists of documents, audio and video files, scientific and technical information, pictures, etc.
CMS has a significant effect on rankings as fresh and informative content is one of the major factors what the search engine algorithms, particularly Google, look for in order to provide higher rankings to websites. The content management system from Webtraitz Technologies does more than help easy uploading of data, but also helps facilitate better communication for those creating and uploading the data, enables more staff to access the data (depending on how much you want others to access it), helps them contribute data faster and more efficiently, helps data to be stored easily and thereby facilitates better data retrieval. Most importantly, our content management system helps avoid duplicate content from being added.
The Webtraitz ManageMySite CMS system is an intelligent solution that helps efficient creation, semantic and technical editing, uploading, monitoring and storage of electronic data.