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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the mechanism on which all websites survive and succeed in popularity. Businesses need to be serious about optimizing their website for the major search engines. In other words, they need to be conspicuous, more conspicuous than the competition when users enter the keywords for the products or services they deal with. Webtraitz Technologies offers comprehensive search engine optimization that would enable their clients to run high ranking websites that would also contribute to increasing their earnings, as the more visitors that head to your site the greater the chances of them buying your stuff.Adding keywords appropriately in the various content pages in your site, and developing your PPC (pay-per-click advertising) around these keywords is vital for high rankings. Webtraitz conducts active keyword research, identifies the appropriate sites to place pay-per-click ads and also the generic information sites to submit articles. The latter helps massively in building backlinks – a sure way to draw traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

At Webtraitz Technologies, you are offered attractive and cost-effective SEO packages that can be flexible to your unique requirements, and can give you the vital edge over your competitors. Our SEO experts, web designers, software developers, e-commerce experts and other staff together with hi-tech technologies and innovative approach offer SEO packages tailor-made to your needs. They can grasp your business needs and adapt their services to make your website SEO- and user-friendly, and revenue generating.

Get in touch with us and we’ll get into a relationship with your business, examine your goals and your website, and propose attractive SEO packages.

Webtraitz has copywriters, SEO experts, software developers, technical staff, E-commerce experts and other staff specializing in related fields to help your website stay on top in spite of the constant algorithmic changes in search engines such as Google. We have an efficient CMS (content management system) called ManageMySite that helps you control the data added and facilitates efficiency and better storage and retrieval of data.
Employ our comprehensive search engine optimization services and let your business taste success.

Service Process


Keyword density tells you how often a search term appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains


Onpage optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position


In the field of SEO, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage


Our SEO review consists of several factors like a content, linking structure, social media efforts, and its trust on the internet

What We Do

SEO Copywriting

We offer comprehensive Internet marketing services. SEO copywriting is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization, and our SEO company provides comprehensive and flexible SEO copywriting services for your web pages, articles, blogs, etc. These are elements directly affecting your rankings, and if these are perfected you can channel quality traffic to your website and build backlinks in the accepted manner.
The pages in your site should describe your services in an attractive and comprehensive manner while maintaining content quality and a user-friendly interface. This is where SEO outsourcing helps – integrating website designing and a good content management system. These factors directly affect your money earning capabilities.
Blogs are a great way to draw attention to your website. We know the importance of this and we ensure submission of well written blogs that will attract loyal followers who would then check out your site through the links in your blogs. They would share the information with their friends too, and you have a great way of attracting the right people and increasing traffic to your site. It is quite the same with article submissions as well.
Our SEO copywriting services also target social media optimization. We will maintain an active presence in the major social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, etc. where your potential customers hang out and spread the word.
With our comprehensive SEO copywriting solutions, you are sure to get more people hooked to you.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization services by WebTraitz make way for greater success for your website and SEO strategy. Social media platforms may have begun as a fun way to keep in touch with long lost friends, but now they’ve become the most popular hangout destinations. You’ve got potential customers communicating and having fun here. That is why these platforms have become serious hunting grounds for companies.
Social media optimization requires special skills to be successful. You must be able to connect with people and expand your friends’ list and attract new followers. Once you’ve got this part right, you are likely to gain more visitors who’d click on the links to your website which you’d provide during your conversations or post in your profile.
But you’ve got to be careful so that your conversations and activities don’t sound like cheap marketing, which could have negative effects. The SEO copywriters, social media experts, PPC management staff, and other professionals at Webtraitz Technologies can perfect the craft of social media optimization for your website. They can help you get more followers and thereby increase your potential customer base.

There is no better way to personally communicate with your customer base anywhere in the world than through social media optimization.

Link Building

Link building helps potential customers connect with you. Both external links (backlinks) to your website and internal links within the pages of your website can help generate hectic activity at your site thanks to more users checking out the links.
Backlinks are a great way to pump up traffic and as a result earnings to your site. At Webtraitz Technologies, our link building solutions enable judicious placement of links at sites that have the greatest traffic. Visiting relevant blogs and posting comments can help you add links. But the comments shouldn’t appear to be spam, so it’s important to be genuine.
Backlinks can help directly and indirectly. The direct method is obvious – users visiting related sites or blogs click your links and enter your site. This increase in traffic will gradually result in increased rankings.
But the indirect method is more powerful. Google actually analyzes the importance of a website based on many criteria, and one of these is the number of backlinks. The more the quality and number of links to your site the higher the rankings Google provides for you. Quality backlinks often dictate how the website should be placed in the search results. The quality of your backlinks depends on the websites where you’ve posted them, and our link building solutions can ensure that.
Internal links provided sensibly between the pages of your site are also vital for the success and earnings of your website. Link building services from Webtraitz Technologies can put your website on the right track.

SEO Outsourcing

SEO outsourcing is vital for the success for any business. This is a vast discipline that requires expertise in various fields and constant innovation, something Webtraitz Technologies naturally possesses.
Outsourcing is a necessity for all businesses that need to cut costs to increase efficiency and profitability. As much as businesses would outsource non-core responsibilities such as human resources and customer care, SEO or search engine optimization needs to be outsourced as well. Like the non-core responsibilities listed above, SEO outsourcing demands dedicated effort and resources too. Webtraitz Technologies feature flexibility of operation and have experts in the various fields of running a successful website who can bring success to your online business cost-effectively and let you focus on your core processes.
With SEO outsourcing you basically ensure your website is conspicuous in the search rankings. Search engines have grown more intelligent which is why we stay at the top of our game every time. We need sensible keyword optimization for the content and the pages, quality and informative content, user-friendly interface, backlinks through blog and article submissions, PPC campaigns, content management system (CMS), and efficient hosting. That’s quite a lot of stuff to take care of, but with Webtraitz (SEO outsourcing company india ) your website attains higher rankings and immensely more revenue earning capabilities.

PPC Campaign Management

PPC campaign management services offered by WebTraitz can help you successfully exploit this scheme to channel traffic to your site in a cost-effective manner. PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) are a major marketing and revenue earning means for companies. It is important to get this right, because this technique can help your reap rich rewards by increasing the conversion rate of users checking out your site.
As the name suggests, PPC campaign management or Pay-Per-Click advertising basically deals with placing your ads in other sites as well as in search engine pages. The host sites are generally those dealing with products and services or news, articles or blogs related to your service. You only need to pay the sites when people click the ads you’ve placed.
It is truly a less resource consuming means to earn big. But first you’ve got to select the host sites (usually informative article sites) which should have a good amount of traffic, and they you’ve got design the ad – its size, contents, etc. The most important part is to select the most competitive keywords for which your PPC ads must be optimized. By outsourcing PPC campaign management to Webtraitz, you can focus on your core responsibilities and expect efficient handling of the ads.
Our PPC campaign management experts conceive the ads taking into consideration the different characteristics of search engines and identify the most relevant landing pages, while our SEO copywriters create content for the advertisements. Keywords are identified using smart tools, and once the PPC ads have been placed, we constantly monitor the click-through-rates of the ads.

Local Business Listings

Webtraitz Technologies can give you local business listings as part of its search engine optimization services. Getting your business in local businesses listings is vital to make your website popular.

Getting your business high up in local business listings
Webtraitz has enormous experience in search engine optimization, Internet marketing, software development, and related applications and can help you with the right marketing strategies to lend success to your organization. Local business listings can be a major help for your Internet marketing plans by putting your business in local search lists. Google and other major search engines can identify the geographical location of the searcher and provide search results with local interest. If the SEO of your business is carried out well, your business could figure out prominently in the local business listings.

Know your competition with local business listings
Through our local business listings you get to know other organizations in your area that could be competing against you, or those who you could collaborate with or rely upon for services that could help your business. But there are other benefits from Webtraitz’s local business listings too.

You can know the number of searches from your region and target those regional Internet searchers better. These potential customers could be looking for products and services related to what you offer and you could make your marketing strategies attract them. Let Webtraitz Technologies show the way for you.

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